My final little painting for the Iron Giant Mini Tribute.

Using Winsor and Newton gouache, limited palette of Yellow, Red, Green, Black and White.  

Sometimes I sketch on paper or on photoshop.  This time I did my quick sketch and color on CS.  


Life Drawing 09/11/14 (2/2)

The rest of the life drawing session from last week.

Life Drawing 09/11/14 (1/2)

I love when models use simple object. It instantly give context to a pose. It was hard, in this case, to not think of the model as a fierce hunter from thousands of years ago.


Sneak peak of my painting for The Iron Giant Mini Tribute this weekend at A Little Known Shop

423 S. Brookhurst St
Anaheim, CA

Opens on Saturday September 13th from 6pm-10pm.  Hope to see you there.

My piece is gouache on watercolor paper.  I will post some sketches, pallete, and final paintings



Dirty Martini (Strip Strip Hooray 2014)

I recently attended a burlesque show starring Dita Von Teese in West Hollywood. No cameras were allowed inside, but I thought I’d share some of my blurred memories from the event. One of the highlights was “Dirty Martini”, a performer with no shame and a unique set of skills. Loved it.


Warm-up thumbnails 09/10/14


Warm-up thumbnails 09/09/14

Some more random thumbnails to loosen up this morning. The “model” got bigger and bigger by the end of it.


Warm-up thumbnails 08/09/14

Always good to loosen up before diving in the real thing. I should do this everyday. Maybe, I will.


If you don’t have access to live models drawing sessions, I would strongly suggest to draw at cafes, parks, etc. Any public place, really. This is something I should do more myself, to be honest. Nothing’s better than catching real people doing real things, not posing. Nude life drawing sessions are great for a lot of things, but they lack the spontaneity of real life situations. Drawing from picture reference isn’t bad, but real life beats everything else.

Life Drawing 09/04/14 (3/3)