We’re going to Big Hero 6 Wrap party tonight!  Soooo excited!!!!!  And this is our ensemble for tonight.

Griz is wearing her DIY tulle skirt, necklace from India, DIY personalized Baymax clutch, grey cardigan, with Ivory and Black Valentino Rockstud slingback.  

Norm is wearing J-Crew Ludlow suit with Aldo shoes.  


Happy Oktoberfest!  Give yourself a treat and get a German Beer Boot!

Another amazing celebration in October!  Have tons of German beer, sausages, and pretzel!


Killer Klown from Outer Space.  

A spooktober painting inspired from one of my favorite guilty pleasure horror movie from my childhood.  It’s about these creepy, borderline cute and weird alien clowns that drink human’s blood by brewing humans in pink cotton sugar cocoon!!!!!!   AAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHH!!!!!  This movie gave me so many nightmare!!!!  Yet I cannot stop watching it over and over again!!!  i love getting spooked from silly movie!!!!!


Loose sketch from a meeting.

Tuesday Tips — Simple palette

I’m a huge fan of a simple palette.  And this is the way I approach it.

1.  I think about the main focal color that I would like to showcase.  In this example, my “pumpkin pie kitty” painting, I want to showcase the orange of the pumpkin pie; so my main color that I MUST use is orange.  

2.  Then I add black and white, and another color.  The other color will mostly likely be an analogous (orange-red or orange-yellow), complementary (blue), or shifted complementary (blue-green or blue-violet).  

3.  Do color comp.  Pick one.  And….  Happy painting!


Happy pumpkin pie month!!!!!  

My favourite places to get pumpkin pie are pie and burger and 4and20


The Grady Twins

Spooktober continues!  One of my favorite creepy horror movie characters! The most adorable yet extremely spooky Grady twins!  I LOVE them!  Me and Natalie talks about being the Grady twins for a while now.  Still not sure if we’re going to do it this year or not, cause we still haven’t found a cute baby blue dress yet.  Hopefully we will find them soon.  

palette for this painting — Winsor Newton permanent white, spectrum yellow, flame red, rose tyrien, sky blue and ivory black.  on canson water color paper.

Bunny, Fennec Fox and Sheep!

A few cute animals visited the studio yesterday. Here’s Fox and Pig.

"Tea Time"

A painting inspired by American Horror Story ‘Freakshow’ and Mary Blair.  I cannot wait for AHS season 4!  I’ve always been a bit obsessed and fascinated with vintage circus freak!  This is going to be a great season!!!!!


ps. I used Winsor and Newton gouache on canson watercolor paper — permanent white, spectrum yellow, grenadine, rose tyrien, sky blue, viridian lake, & ivory black.